Monday, February 14, 2011

On Climate Change

18 climate alarmists have clanged their bells to the point that the world (less the major polluters India and China) has taken notice to a warming globe.

That link is undersigned by a number of additional scientists who in fact believe the exact opposite: that tsunamis and catastrophic events won't be hitting our shores because of lcimate change.

Here's what 'I think' since it is a blog.

We should always be conscious of our decisions when purchasing goods and services. We should also strive to do the best we can to protect our environment since it's both good for business, efficient to have less waste, and pays attention to future generations.

We shuoldn't teeter to the opposite end of the spectrum of climate change fear which is total apathy (in many respects we already have that with Joe Schmoe).

having said that, it's true that for a while the state of our environment, the supposed wild climate swings (look at all that snow!) is perhaps blown out of proportion. We're damaging our earth, but we're not going to poison ourselves anytime soon. We should strive for better goods (demanding less from nations who don't care like India and China) before we seriously cripple our own economies for doing what amounts to a drop in the bucket.

It may sound a bit conceited, but lets' face the facts, facts that have escaped us from the climate debate for some time (where the loudest braying donkey gets all the attention).