Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Office of Civil Rights Moves to Trump Harassment Claims

The office of Civil Rights has released recommendations to Universities to enact measures to protect harassment complaints from the student body.
The policy, which expands the definition of sexual harassment and removes various procedural protections for those accused, was presented in a letter to the president of the University of Montana. The authors, however, declare that the rules imposed on Montana are meant to be a “blueprint” for colleges and universities nationwide.
Various associations are raising concerns with the 'sentencing first, then verdict'. The most bizarre response came from a blogger out of Montana essentially asking the question about race and whether there was a indirect correlation between student body average and the complainants. Nas surprisingly did some research and responded. Unfortunately to some the race of complainants isn't recorded since it may not be a factor in whether or not your claim is valid or not :rolleyes: